Classes for Undecided Majors

Most college students enter their universities with one of two extremes: they either definitively know their major or they are completely unsure of how they want to spend the rest of their lives. The rest of the crowd lies in a dynamic flux, where they easily switch majors back and forth until they decide which one they are most suited for.

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Here are some diverse classes that are good to audit or even register for:

  • Intro to computer science:

Easily one of the most important classes to possibly take, computer science offers a very diverse array of coding skills. Albeit while it is not necessarily a GPA booster, it may be good to audit. After all, with our technology reliant generation, it would be extremely useful.

  • Any introductory Philosophy course:

Philosophers are growing rather scarce as the usefulness of the major is growing increasingly bleak. However, it is still a phenomenally interesting field and taking a few courses would definitely improve your critical thinking capabilities.

  • An Introductory business course:

A class in the business field may help you determine whether you would like to be a leader in your future profession, or whether you really can be for that matter. While it is not a difficult course, it provides a lot of priceless experience. Moreover, Rutgers is renowned for it’s strong business school, so if it seems appealing perhaps you could even major within the field.

  • A GPA Booster class:

These classes are perfect because, not only do they raise your grade point average, but they also provide unique knowledge in a field that may be very different from where your interests lie. These classes are typically fun and may provide you with the motivation to transition to a more enjoyable major. (See my previous blog post for a list of these.)

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