Running Out of Dining Hall Ideas?

It’s that time of the year- winter. We stay inside, we bundle up, and we eat. Whether it’s to pass the time or because we refuse to leave the warmth of our dormitories, winter is a time where a trip to the dining hall may become a little boring. You may find yourself eating the same meals each day- he same toast for breakfast, the same salad for lunch, and same chicken for dinner, or even find yourself running out of your so called “stock” in your room as you hibernate during the cold. Although it may seem hard to be healthy on campus, especially during the winter months, there are so many options available not only to kick you out of that winter rut but to also prevent that winter gut!

So you’re sick of the dining halls, but you have that 210 meal plan you can’t waste. There are so many options on each campus to make use of your meal plan other than sitting in at the dining hall. To begin, each campus has takeout, and the menus are listed online and on the Rutgers mobile app for students’ convenience. There are also other areas where you can make use of that meal swipe and enjoy meals with family or friends that do not have a meal plan- without using up those guest swipes. Make sure to note the hours listed below, which are not the hours of operation, rather the hours in which meal swipes are accepted.


Woody’s Cafe (open- 11am and 1pm-close)


Cook Cafe (open-6pm)

Douglass Cafe (all day)

UNO Pizzeria (all day)


Kilmer’s market (11am-3pm and 5pm to 8pm)

The Rock Cafe (all day)

Sbarro Pizza (all day)

Although there are not as many options on College Avenue, the Knight Wagon can also be found around all campuses and accepts swipes all day in its designated location for certain hours on certain days.

All of these locations have a variety of wraps, salads, burgers, pastas, and anything you can think of. With this kind of selection at your fingertips, there is no reason to complain about the “same-old” dining hall selections or about the difficulty of making healthy choices on campus.

Keep a lookout for these locations during the day if you want to avoid walking for long periods of time in winter weather, for some of them may be located much closer to your residency or classrooms than you may realize! Happy Eating!