Interested in Greek Life?

Once you arrive at Rutgers, one thing will be overwhelmingly evident- Rutgers is a big place. After being here for your semester, I can tell you that a sure-fire way to find your place at Rutgers is to get involved.  If you interested in Greek Life as a way to get involved, Rutgers is a great place to take advantage of the philanthropic, leadership, and social opportunities that being in a fraternity or sorority offers its members.  As someone who recently went through Formal Recruitment, or rushed, the 7 sororities on campus, I will be able to speak to that side of Greek life more so than someone who had rushed the numerous fraternities on campus.

The recruitment process at the beginning of the Spring semester is a very exciting time. Unlike other schools, Formal Recruitment at Rutgers occurs over two weekends in the beginning of the Spring semester, rather than for a full week before, or during, the Fall semester.  In order to rush at Rutgers, it is required to be a full-time student, and to have completed 12 credits at the university with a minimum GPA of 2.5.  This may seem confusing, but it only means is that you must complete one full semester at Rutgers with a C+ (or better!) average.  “Going Greek” is a good inspiration to do well in your classes during your first semester.

Formal Recruitment concludes with “Bid Day,” which is when a Greek organization formally invites you to join their chapter.  This year, Bid Day was on Monday, February 8th, and I was lucky enough to receive a bid from one of Rutgers’ fabulous sororities!  I couldn’t be more excited for everything that Greek Life will offer me during my college career.  

If you have any questions about Formal Recruitment, or would like me to expand on anything mentioned above, let me know in the comments!