Advice for RU Hopefuls

Around last time this year, I had received my Rutgers acceptance and started planning for college. It was a crazy time, filled with confusion about my future plans and dreams. A few weeks ago, I visited my high school and gave some advise to those who are in a similar situation to the one I was in. Applying for and choosing a college is one of the most anxiety filled periods of your last year in high school. For anyone who is a prospective RU student, I hope my advice can help!

Firstly, I suggest to not dwell over your past ‘mistakes’. I spent the college application season wishing I had done more extracurricular activities or taken more advanced classes. One of my friends ended up not even applying to college just because he regretted his laziness in his early high school years. He put off applying for school until he was forced to and ended up going somewhere he did not like. Leave the past where it belongs and apply to Rutgers (or any other school) confidently.

Secondly, it’s best to research the various schools at Rutgers and what they have to offer. Many people don’t apply to the pharmacy school or the engineering school because they feel that it may be a ‘reach’ for them. However, you never know how the application process is monitored. Take the chance and apply where you feel that you will fit in well. As well as researching the school, looking into crucial factors such as pricing, campus life etc. Originally, I accepted an offer at another school because  my RU tuition was too high (I have to pay full international tuition). However, after the campuses and opportunities for my major, I decided Rutgers was the best option for me.  Also, look into Rutgers scholarships and apply for them early on, so you can be a hundred percent sure about your financial costs.

Lastly, I  hope that you make the most of your outcome. If you get accepted (or already have), congratulations! I hope that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here. For those that are waitlisted, don’t give up hope! A friend of mine got accepted in June after her waitlist. If you are declined an offer, don’t let that ruin your hopes and dreams. It’s horrible spending the first year at college with a negative attitude. Keep yourself grateful, no matter what and end senior year with a bang.