Hibernation Is Not for Students

One of the first things I wondered when I came to Rutgers was how the university would feel at its winter prime. I imagined the atmosphere in my head: cold, bleak, and desolate past a certain time of day. I’d heard stories of campus life becoming virtually nonexistent in the winter, and I could only imagine second semester to be a time of hibernation.

I am beyond captivated by the sense of community brought out by a blizzard on campus. The way the campus shines after a snowfall is more than beautiful, and I believe that every cup of ramen, every movie night with the girls, and every snowball thrown makes this experience all the more special.

Whether you want to get involved on campus, or decide to brave the stormy conditions and go on adventures with your friends, whether you spend time with your roommate, or spend time with your entire dorm, I urge you to make your own memories. There is nothing in the books that equates the cold winter months to a dreary semester. The temperature is just one factor of many that makes second semester a special experience in and of itself.

So to all those who fear the subzero weather (shout-out to my friends from the west coast), to anyone who may or may not feel motivated this semester, I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. Experience something new, something different, and something truly unique to the weather we’re about to face. This semester has the potential to be great, so leave the hibernating to the squirrels on campus.