Courses To Keep In The Back Of Your Mind

With add drop week coming up in less than a few days, here are some interesting to classes to bear in mind:


  1. The Coming Apocalypse: Professor Richard Miller

Classified as an SAS signature course, this 4 credit class is quite interesting for anyone who enjoys pondering and speculating about the end of times. Will we perish to global warming? What about super viruses with no cures? Personally I feel the zombie apocalypse is inevitable. What do you think?


  1. The Samurai Tradition in Japanese Literature and Film

This course is 3 credits of pure awesomeness for anyone who is a fan of samurai warriors. Hailing from Japan, these warriors were known for their unique approach to swordsmanship and their sense of honor. There are no prerequisites and the bulk of the class is taught via literature and cinema.


  1. Social Impacts of Video Games

If you’re lucky enough to get this already filled up 3 credit class, you’re up for a promising curriculum. Perfect for gamers or anyone who has even briefly held a controller, this course explores the medium through a cultural approach rather than a technical one. There are very few courses that look at the social impression video games leave on our society.


  1. Introduction To Criminal Justice

This is one of those 3 credit classes that you should definitely take before you graduate. It’s been described by many students as a “hidden gem.” This course offers a plethora of knowledge on our nation’s justice system, while not being difficult for non-majors. It’s a must-take if your schedule allows it.