Unique Clubs To Rutgers

With the Spring Semester less than a week away, I felt it appropriate to bring up some of Rutger’s most unique clubs. Every university has clubs that distinguish it from the rest and here are just some of the ones offered here:

  1. Quidditch club:

Every devout harry potter fan’s dream, Quidditch club is a registered sport of Rutgers. Established only a few years prior, this fun sport has even the muggles eager to join. It should be noted however, that players must exercise extreme caution, as it is quite a rough sport.



  1. RUPA (Rutgers University Programming Association):

Almost every one must have seen students running around at events, donning the club ‘RUPA’ on their purple shirts. This club boasts the opportunity to work and gain experience, coupled with the fun of attending events for free. Not very many universities can provide their students with clubs like this, it is quite exclusive to Rutgers.



  1. Anime Club:

This club is for anyone even slightly interested in anime. From Hayao Miyazaki’s works to up to date works, this club is perfect for anyone seeking friends with a similar passion in the Japanese medium. Not many universities offer clubs like this, and it allows Rutgers to have yet another small family for anyone interested.


Those were the top three clubs I personally found to be unique. There are countless other clubs that are always seeking members, so be sure to attend the spring involvement fair on January 18th from 1pm-4pm on College Ave campus.