Advice for RU Hopefuls

Around last time this year, I had received my Rutgers acceptance and started planning for college. It was a crazy time, filled with confusion about my future plans and dreams. A few weeks ago, I visited my high school and gave some advise to those who are in a similar situation to the one I was in. Applying for and choosing a college is one of the most anxiety filled periods of your last year in high school. For anyone who is a prospective RU student, I hope my advice can help!

Firstly, I suggest to not dwell over your past ‘mistakes’. I spent the college application season wishing I had done more extracurricular activities or taken more advanced classes. One of my friends ended up not even applying to college just because he regretted his laziness in his early high school years. He put off applying for school until he was forced to and ended up going somewhere he did not like. Leave the past where it belongs and apply to Rutgers (or any other school) confidently.

Secondly, it’s best to research the various schools at Rutgers and what they have to offer. Many people don’t apply to the pharmacy school or the engineering school because they feel that it may be a ‘reach’ for them. However, you never know how the application process is monitored. Take the chance and apply where you feel that you will fit in well. As well as researching the school, looking into crucial factors such as pricing, campus life etc. Originally, I accepted an offer at another school because  my RU tuition was too high (I have to pay full international tuition). However, after the campuses and opportunities for my major, I decided Rutgers was the best option for me.  Also, look into Rutgers scholarships and apply for them early on, so you can be a hundred percent sure about your financial costs.

Lastly, I  hope that you make the most of your outcome. If you get accepted (or already have), congratulations! I hope that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here. For those that are waitlisted, don’t give up hope! A friend of mine got accepted in June after her waitlist. If you are declined an offer, don’t let that ruin your hopes and dreams. It’s horrible spending the first year at college with a negative attitude. Keep yourself grateful, no matter what and end senior year with a bang.




Hibernation Is Not for Students

One of the first things I wondered when I came to Rutgers was how the university would feel at its winter prime. I imagined the atmosphere in my head: cold, bleak, and desolate past a certain time of day. I’d heard stories of campus life becoming virtually nonexistent in the winter, and I could only imagine second semester to be a time of hibernation.

I am beyond captivated by the sense of community brought out by a blizzard on campus. The way the campus shines after a snowfall is more than beautiful, and I believe that every cup of ramen, every movie night with the girls, and every snowball thrown makes this experience all the more special.

Whether you want to get involved on campus, or decide to brave the stormy conditions and go on adventures with your friends, whether you spend time with your roommate, or spend time with your entire dorm, I urge you to make your own memories. There is nothing in the books that equates the cold winter months to a dreary semester. The temperature is just one factor of many that makes second semester a special experience in and of itself.

So to all those who fear the subzero weather (shout-out to my friends from the west coast), to anyone who may or may not feel motivated this semester, I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. Experience something new, something different, and something truly unique to the weather we’re about to face. This semester has the potential to be great, so leave the hibernating to the squirrels on campus.

Winter at Rutgers? S’no Problem!

After a weirdly warm start to winter, New Jersey saw its first snowfall of the season this past weekend.  Here at Rutgers, it was blizzarding for almost 24 hours, with accumulations of about two feet!  All of this snow definitely made things on campus very interesting.

Of course, this kind of weather calls for the appropriate clothing.  Some were prepared, and some definitely were not.  If I didn’t have my winter coat and boots, this weekend would have been terrible!  The bus system was shut down on Saturday due to unsafe driving conditions, so trekking through the tundra to the dining hall was a must, unless my floormates and I decided to survive on granola bars and ramen.  

Despite this weekend’s struggles, I would not have wanted to be snowed in anywhere else!  Before the weather was too bad on Friday night, my friends and I took a trip over to Rutgers Cinema on the Livingston campus, where we watched a screening of Dirty Grandpa. Luckily, we were able to make it back to our dorm on College Ave safely.  By the next morning, the storm didn’t look like it was stopping anytime soon, so we made the best of our situation.  There is nothing better than cuddling up with hot chocolate, a good movie, and even better friends.  Once the wind died down, we had a blast sledding and having snowball fights.  At Rutgers, there is always something fun to do on campus, rain, shine, or snow!

I am an out-of-state student from northern Connecticut, so the snow is nothing new to me, but I’ve made a few friends from California, and the snow is totally new for them.  Whether you love or hate the snow, Rutgers in the winter is truly unique.

Courses To Keep In The Back Of Your Mind

With add drop week coming up in less than a few days, here are some interesting to classes to bear in mind:


  1. The Coming Apocalypse: Professor Richard Miller

Classified as an SAS signature course, this 4 credit class is quite interesting for anyone who enjoys pondering and speculating about the end of times. Will we perish to global warming? What about super viruses with no cures? Personally I feel the zombie apocalypse is inevitable. What do you think?


  1. The Samurai Tradition in Japanese Literature and Film

This course is 3 credits of pure awesomeness for anyone who is a fan of samurai warriors. Hailing from Japan, these warriors were known for their unique approach to swordsmanship and their sense of honor. There are no prerequisites and the bulk of the class is taught via literature and cinema.


  1. Social Impacts of Video Games

If you’re lucky enough to get this already filled up 3 credit class, you’re up for a promising curriculum. Perfect for gamers or anyone who has even briefly held a controller, this course explores the medium through a cultural approach rather than a technical one. There are very few courses that look at the social impression video games leave on our society.


  1. Introduction To Criminal Justice

This is one of those 3 credit classes that you should definitely take before you graduate. It’s been described by many students as a “hidden gem.” This course offers a plethora of knowledge on our nation’s justice system, while not being difficult for non-majors. It’s a must-take if your schedule allows it.



Unique Clubs To Rutgers

With the Spring Semester less than a week away, I felt it appropriate to bring up some of Rutger’s most unique clubs. Every university has clubs that distinguish it from the rest and here are just some of the ones offered here:

  1. Quidditch club:

Every devout harry potter fan’s dream, Quidditch club is a registered sport of Rutgers. Established only a few years prior, this fun sport has even the muggles eager to join. It should be noted however, that players must exercise extreme caution, as it is quite a rough sport.



  1. RUPA (Rutgers University Programming Association):

Almost every one must have seen students running around at events, donning the club ‘RUPA’ on their purple shirts. This club boasts the opportunity to work and gain experience, coupled with the fun of attending events for free. Not very many universities can provide their students with clubs like this, it is quite exclusive to Rutgers.



  1. Anime Club:

This club is for anyone even slightly interested in anime. From Hayao Miyazaki’s works to up to date works, this club is perfect for anyone seeking friends with a similar passion in the Japanese medium. Not many universities offer clubs like this, and it allows Rutgers to have yet another small family for anyone interested.


Those were the top three clubs I personally found to be unique. There are countless other clubs that are always seeking members, so be sure to attend the spring involvement fair on January 18th from 1pm-4pm on College Ave campus.


Page 1 of 366

Happy New Year! The start of a new year often marks change and growth.  It’s a time for us to reflect on where we’ve been, and where we are going.  For all of you, 2016 will mark one of the biggest changes of your life-  graduating high school, and moving onto college!  While such a big change may seem intimidating, it’s important to remember that change is good. And, if you happen to pick Rutgers, I can personally guarantee that 2016 will be one of the best years of your life.  


This time last year, on the first day of 2015, I was feeling the same way many of you probably are.  You begin to realize that you are going to experience many “lasts,” from your last school bus ride, to your last varsity game, to your last day of high school classes.  Soon enough, you begin to realize that these “lasts” will be accompanied by many “firsts” as well, like your first college move-in day, your first new friends, and your first set of college finals.  Take it all in stride, and revel in all you will experience this year, the lasts and firsts alike.
Today is page 1 out of 366 (hello, leap year!) of this next chapter of your life.  I hope you make the effort to make every page count, and that choosing Rutgers is a monumental part of your year.

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