Got Questions? We’ve Got You Covered!

If you’re considering attending Rutgers, you are about to make one of the best choices of your life! Receiving my acceptance letter was one of the most exciting moments of my senior year. Without a doubt, you deserve to celebrate and anticipate everything that’s in store for you. It’s understandable that you might have some questions about what to expect in the next few months, and during your first year at Rutgers. Here are some of the questions I had, and the answers I found along the way.


Will I make friends here?

YES! I am an out-of-state student from Connecticut, and I didn’t know anyone coming in. Just remember that many people are in the same position. Everyone is looking to make their “college friends,” so they will most likely be very sociable. To ease your nerves before setting foot on campus, get involved in the Class of 2020 Facebook group. It’s a great way to get acquainted with some friendly faces before move-in day, and it can even help you find a roommate! I found my roommate through Facebook, and we get along fantastically!


Is it too expensive for me to come to Rutgers?

Financing a college education is a huge undertaking, wherever you decide to attend. Because RU is a public university, there is a difference in tuition between in-state and out-of-state tuition, which is important to consider. Before making any big decisions, I recommend waiting for your financial aid package, if you apply for aid. More that 80 percent of students receive financial aid, so this may be a big factor in your decision- it was for me.  Also, don’t forget to apply for scholarships! I know that this is something everyone says, but I cannot stress it enough. Filling out all of those applications is more than worth it. It’s tough to give a good answer for this, because everyone’s financial situations are different. My best advice is to wait for all necessary information to be given to you, so that you can make a more educated decision, if cost is the determining factor.


Is Rutgers too large of a school for me?

With more than 67,000 students from all 50 states and 115 countries and 5 distinct campuses in the New Brunswick/Piscataway location, Rutgers may seem daunting at first. The sheer size of the school, both physically and student-wise has the potential to make one fear that they will get “lost in the shuffle.” The good news is, Rutgers can be as big or as small as you make it. Each campus has a totally different feel, so you can figure out what works best for your lifestyle. For example, you can choose to live on College Avenue (which has the most urban feel of all 5 campuses) and take buses to your classes on each of the other four campuses. Or, you can call Cook (which offers the rural farm-feel) your home, and schedule most of your classes there. Rutgers truly is what you decide to make of it.


How big is the party scene at Rutgers?

As with any large state school, you can expect there to be a fair share of parties. Of course, it is fun get ready and go out will all your new friends, but it is important to realize that there are many other things to do that don’t involve making your rounds at the fraternities. If you decide going out to parties is something you want to do, great! If you’d rather catch a movie on Livingston, or grab something to eat on Easton Avenue, or stay in and relax, great! Deciding to explore the party scene is truly your own decision.  If this isn’t your thing, don’t worry. There is plenty else to do on the weekends.


As cliche as it sounds, Rutgers has something for everyone. You are guaranteed to pursue your academic passions, find some of your best friends, and make some incomparable memories. You should be very proud of your acceptance, and start stocking up on your scarlet (don’t worry, red looks good on everyone)! If you have any questions that I didn’t answer above, which I’m sure there are a few, leave them in the comments!