Who Ya Gonna Call?

Even a cursory glance around a social media outlet of your choice this time of year will do it’s best to convince you that finalare the academic armageddon. While it’s true that deadlines, word counts, presentations and exams pile up at the end of the semester, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. 

There’s tons of research on how study breaks: exercise; and getting good sleep; help you study more efficiently and retain information better for your exams and papers, but did you know there’a specific organization on campus dedicated to keeping your stress levels down during exam time?

Who ya gonna call? stress busters!

The Rutgers stress busters are heroic people who visit the libraries during finals weeks with snacks and puppies! They also organize mindfulness meditation workshops and back-rubs. Yes, it’s exactly amazing as it sounds.

The stress busters drop by the libraries to make sure you stay in the studious groove, but they also make sure you’re not drowning in a sea of stress in the style of academic dedication. When you find yourself trapped in writer’s block, or staring at the same page of notes for hours, don’t forget: Who ya gonna call?