Christmas in July?

It’s a day that we will never forget- on December 13th, it was 75 degrees and sunny in New Brunswick. The timing could not have been better.  Getting some fresh air and exercise is the perfect way to burn off some energy during a study break, especially with finals just around the corner.  All over campus, you can see students riding bikes, playing sports, or just simply taking a walk with friends.  No one is letting this weather fluke go to waste!

In this weather, you can pretend it’s spring again.  Break out the sunglasses and opt for your favorite iced latte or coffee, instead of bundling up and sipping hot chocolate.  This is totally unusual for the middle of December, but I’m not complaining.  I know that Winter is coming soon.  My only hope is that it doesn’t get too cold and that we have an early spring… but maybe I’m asking for too much.   Winter always lasts WAY too far into the new year than anyone really wants, but a girl can hope, right?

I’m not dreaming of a white Christmas. I’ll take this weather any day of the week.