Last Minute Cramming Tips

Before we get into the list here’s one general piece of advice: Don’t cram. However, since you’re already at the point of no return: that final brief stretch that will either make or break you, you might as well do something about it. Give it your all in order to pass the semester!




  1. Don’t cram alone:

A lot of people are probably in the same boat as you, so why not study with them. It’ll be like learning everything for the first time, plus the positive reinforcement from your friends will help you much more than going at it alone and stressing out.

  1. See Tutors or Friends for last minute questions:

If you are having trouble understanding concepts immediately seek someone for help. Even if it’s the professor. Although they may not be happy with you not understanding the basics with the exam so close by, they will still gladly help you.

  1. Fail with Honor:

At this point everyone is mature enough to know not to cheat in college. Even if you’re not the strict regulations for cheating will definitely detour you from it. Don’t cheat. Period. Failing is far more honorable than passing by cheating off of people around you. Just don’t do it.

  1. Expect that you’re probably not going to do as well as you’re hoping:

You had to cram, of course you’re not going to do well. You should strive to be a realist when it comes to receiving your grades, so that you’re not upset over it.

  1. Ace the Final

Finals are, for the most part, basically your grade in the class. As long as you prepare well ahead of time and give it your all you should be fine. Never stress over the other little exams. Use your failure in those to fuel your motivation to study hard for finals.