Cold Weather Tips for Students

With the weather changing, sunny days and warm breezes have slowly transitioned into whipping winds and overcast afternoons. After much thought (and experience), I’ve decided to put together some tips to help you stay warm and dry as the weather becomes dreary. After all, a warm spirit and body will help you focus on your studies and be the best you can be!

Layers, layers, layers– This may seem intuitive, but wearing at least 3 layers will usually help keep that bone-chilling wind outside of your garments. First, a soft and comfortably shirt, either a long sleeve or a t-shirt will be suffice, but try and make this the most comfortable layer! Next, a sweater or long sleeve shirt will do, but make sure it is not bulky. Functionality is key here as one does not want to keep stripping layers in class. Finally, a jacket or fleece that is easy to remove will be the final layer. Let the latter be your variable in maintaining comfort.

Waterproof boots or shoes– As one has perhaps noticed, it rains here often. There is nothing worst than going to class with cold and damp shoes, and more disparagingly, socks! I always keep a pair of dry socks in the bottom pocket of my backpack (I’m a commuter after all). However, a quality pair of boots or sneakers with a waterproof rating will easily become your best friend. I suggest looking at Dicks Sporting Goods or on Amazon for a nice pair (often some fashionable ones can be found online).

Wool jacket/pea coat– It is no wonder the Navy uses wool pea coats as standard issue, they are warm and cozy. Also, wool will keep you warm even if it gets wet. One note of caution however, wool is itchy, so be sure to have a protective layer underneath. Army/Navy stores will usually carry a variety of sizes for around 80$.

Gloves, hats, ear warmers– Nothing hurts more than the cold bite of Fall/Winter on your bodily extremities, so be sure to get a decent and easily stowed pair of gloves, a hat and/or ear warmers. Trust me, waiting for the EE on College ave can be horrid without these essentials. Make sure they easily fit in your backpack or purse!

Pocket warmers– These little square pouches, usually found at larger stores such as Walmart and Target, are not necessary, but most certainly efficient means to keep you warm on the coldest or rainiest of days. Simply activate the unit and place it in your pocket for hours of warmth and comfort.

Hopefully the latter tips will provide some ideas on how to keep warm while traversing our large Rutgers campus! Remember, layers of comfortable clothes, waterproof shoes, and protection for the extremities are a must!