Getting Involved Without an Agenda

One of the most common suggestions I received before entering college was to get involved. I’d heard it from staff, program directors, upperclassmen, and friends. I’ve brushed off quite a few things in my life, and this suggestion was one of them. Go for the resume builders, I convinced myself, don’t do anything that won’t bolster your resume or your academic career. From the mere 2 months of college that I’ve experienced, I can safely say that getting truly involved in our college community means more than just attending classes and going to career fairs. Getting involved isn’t about hitting up every frat house on College Ave. It isn’t about snagging free food and merchandise; (although those are pretty nice I’ll admit) it’s about finding what you like and hunting it down.

Getting involved is going to a slam poetry showcase on feminism and learning that gender issues and poetry don’t always have to be boring subjects. Getting involved is about meeting the man behind Humans of New York, and maybe being a little inspired along the way. Getting involved is about exploring the different animals that share a home with us on Cook/ Douglass. It’s about going to a seminar on space and discovery. It’s about climbing the Rockwall, or participating in Dance Marathon. It’s about understanding that the world of opportunities is at your fingertips.

Wear your tie, sharpen your pencils, and update your LinkedIn profiles, sure, but don’t forget how great it feels to sing your heart out with your floormates at Karaoke Night, or how inspired that speaker made you feel. Remind yourself that these are your years to be goofy, impressed, outspoken, infatuated, and completely passionate about whatever it is that interests you.