October Events at Rutgers Re-Cap

Happy November! I hope everyone reading has had a wonderful Halloween and has made sure to set all their clocks back an hour. Looking back into the past month, I am really beginning to feel as though I am fully immersed into the college lifestyle. October happens to be one of my favorite months because it is indicative of leaves changing, crisp weather, and everything fall coming to life. It also means a lot of fun events at Rutgers are ready to commence. Just as October is a transitional period in the course of the seasons, my transition into college life has been aided by these experiences:

The Harvest Festival, which took place on the Cook/Douglass campus on October 14th, was an event I actually stumbled upon by accident. My friend and I were headed back to our dorms after class when we smelled firewood and heard serene guitar music reverberating through the air. We decided to stop by and spent some time around the campfires eating chili, admiring the changing leaves. and enjoying the music and fall atmosphere. There were several fun activities surrounding us, such as caricature drawings and even mechanical bull riding. Everything to love about autumn was exemplified in this celebration of the season.

On a rainy fall day, or when it’s a little on the cold side, nothing is better than spending a day wandering the halls of the Zimmerli Art Museum. The Melvin Edwards Exhibit showcased the work of the innovative sculptor from various periods of his life. His pieces attacked and illustrated several social phenomenons from racism to political issues. As an artist, Mel Edwards works primarily with steel and was once a professor at Rutgers. While many of his pieces were made in the 20th century, their messages are still highly relevant today. For these chilly days, find refuge in the museum and visit Edwards’ exhibit open until January 1st.

This past weekend, I went to the opening night of the Cabaret Theatre’s production of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. An absurdist spin on Shakespeare’s classic Hamlet, we are given insight on the lives of the two childhood friends of Hamlet as the contemplate life’s complexities. With dark twists and turns, this play was perfect to kick off “Halloweekend.” The Cabaret Theatre holds many shows throughout the season and will soon be putting on their Director’s Showcase later in November.

Throughout the beginning of fall, I had a chance to attend many wonderful events to get the most out of the season at Rutgers. Several other events, such as football games and Monster Mash, all took place in the spirit of fall at the university. For students at Rutgers, finding different events and activities to go to and starting new traditions can be a great way to gain a greater sense of community with other students. They are also a great break from the normal milieu of classes, so keep yourself posted with upcoming events!