Goodbye October. Hello November.

It’s Halloween night and I’m sitting here studying and writing essays. This is a depressing situation, however, October as a whole has been a pretty good month. It was full of unexpected mini pleasures. In the beginning of October, I went to an Honors Program Reception at the Zimmerli. I decided to go spontaneously (mostly because it was raining outside and they were giving out food) and look around for a few minutes, but I actually ended up staying till they kicked me out! I surprisingly had a great time with group of friends doing a scavenger hunt across the museum. It may sound insignificant, but laughing loudly, running around and breaking rules in a small museum is great stress relief for worried college students. At the end of the day my friend and I actually discussed how much of a good time we had at an art museum. I definitely recommend everyone to go check out the Zimmerli with their friends (the tickets are also free!).

October seems to also be the month of movies. Since, I have been getting used to the school work and managing my time well, I had plenty of time to catch up on movies ranging from old Indian movies, to animated flicks and to indie films played at the NJ film festival. I actually watched my first Indian film in 5 years at 1 A.M. with my parents and laughed so hard that I could not stop. I also watched my first indie film this month in Vorhees Hall. Unfortunately, the Fall NJ Film Festival is over, but I think it’s something that I would suggest for everyone to try out next year. With little random happy moments like this, October has turned out to be a pretty good month with the exception of Midterms.

Starting November, the weather will be cooling down and the stress of exams will befall us again. I can already feel the procrastination falling in, but we must stay motivated. I can wait for the exams but I’m super excited for Thanksgiving and all the fun events that are ahead. Next weekend, I’m heading up to Ithaca, NY to check out the fall weather so I am super pumped that November is starting of fun. Hope everyone has a good November!