A Quick College Horror Story

“Once upon a time a group of friends were hanging out inside a dorm room on the night of Halloween. They were having a blast getting ready for night out; a night that was well-deserved after midterms just passed by. As they’re talking, a strange sound from a backpack cuts through their conversation. It was a strange, peculiar ringtone, one unfamiliar to each of them. They all turn and look to the owner and he slowly creeps up to bag to see what’s making the sound. He sticks his hand in and pulls out a buzzing phone, looks at the alert, screams and drops it.

Someone jumps up and asks, ‘Is everything okay?’

The boy stares coldly at his phone. With a reluctant face he grabs it and displays it for his friends to see.

And it reads ‘Calendar Alert: Chemistry Exam Tomorrow’”


That’s my quick and short Halloween horror story at Rutgers and what Halloween is realistically for a lot of students. Sunday exams aren’t so bad, but Sunday exams after Halloween are something else. At Rutgers your professors really will push you and your understanding of the subject. Sadly you might have to put down candy-binging and pick up the textbooks.