Halloween DIY Last Minute Tips

It’s Halloween weekend this week and everyone is busy scrambling their costumes together from scratch. The parties are going to be lit, but if you don’t have any costume ideas here are some DIY last-minute easy costume fixes:

1.     Salt and Pepper. Wear a black t-shirt and have a friend wear a white one, draw some dots and boom instant salt and pepper.

2.     Donald Trump. Just brush your hair from back to front. The goal here is to make it resemble a raccoon’s behind as closely as possible. This costume technique may also be used for any Justin Bieber costume.

3.     Expos. Hold up a sign that says expos on it. It’s guaranteed to horrify all party-goers. Note: Do not wear around the faint of heart.

4.     Netflix and Chill. Write Netflix on a t-shirt and run around holding a bag of ice. Simple enough.

5.     Broke College student. It may be cliché, but it’s true. At the core we’re all broke college students and that reality is truly mortifying.

Happy Halloween and stay safe!