The RU Commuter Guide

Commuting can be the best and the worst at the same time. You get the comfort of relaxing in your home and having your parents do laundry for you but then you have to wake up super early for class and spend an hour in traffic every morning. To make the best of commuting I have left some general tips below. Hope it helps for all my fellow commuters!

General Suggestions:

1) Scheduling. I personally like to schedule my classes closer together and fit as many in a day as possible. Not having long gaps between classes will forces me to stay on campus and get some work done. Another positive is that I finsih all my classes early and can go home immediately to relax!

2) Download mobile apps that will help you manage your schoolwork such as Google Drive, Dropbox, the RU app (which now features Sakai!) etc. If I’m on the bus, car or train , I can easily scroll through notes on my phone and catch-up without taking anything out of my backpack. If you’re driving yourself to school, then make sure to download Waze to avoid traffic. 

3) Join the RU Off-Campus Students’ Association. Being a commuter can sometimes take a toll on making new friendships but the OCSA have social events for commuters such as a Halloween Social and a Videogame Social. They also offer some great commuter tips and have free breakfasts!

4)Prep your meals in advance. If you don’t have a meal plan and don’t pack lunch you will probably spend at least ten dollars a day on food alone. It may seem little but the amount will add up and drain your wallet, so prep your meal the night before and spend money for food only when you haven’t done so.

General Items to Pack:

*Use a real backpack! The first week I struggled with my super cute tote because it became unbearably heavy and unorganized. A backpack is much easier especially while walking with something in your hands or while getting onto the busses.

1) Student I.D. is a must. Especially if you’re planning to study in the library and need to check out books, print papers etc.

2) Jackets/Umbrella- One minute it can be hot and the other it can be cold, so remember to either dress in layers or keep a sweater in your bag or car. An umbrella is also key if you want to survive  the rainy days. Make sure to check the weather every morning to dress appropriately for the day ahead.

3) Snacks/Food/Water- This  is when you forget to eat breakfast and end up with a growling stomach in your 8 o’clock class. Pack easy (and healthy) options such as: granola bars, an apple, a PB&J sandwich etc.

4)Extra Money- Money is always good to have during emergencies. In case you are starving or going through a real emergency, a stash of secret money can save the day.