The Very Fancy Rutgers Club

It’s not a club or anything you can join and fundraise for. Nope, The Rutgers Club is fancy shmancy dining/restaurant like thing where, for a meal swipe + $2, you can treat yourself to some nice ambience and decently good food. It’s a nice change from the dingy dining hall that is Brower, but it’s not spectacular either. Rutgers students are allowed to dine their on Mondays and Thursdays as long as they make a reservation beforehand. They set it up buffet style and one of the best things there was the chicken soup. You pay for the ambience, but I still think it’s worth trying! The food is better than the dining hall, but not that much better either. There are fewer options, but we were also entertained by a magician, so that was cool. The carrot cake was awesome and 100% worth the two extra dollars. But I’m definitely going back there – the fact that they take meal swipes makes it very appealing.

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