What I’ve Learned So Far This Semester…

It is finally that time of year where the seasons are changing. It is the cozy sweater weather we all love. The time for pumpkin spice lattes. It is also the mid-way point of the semester. So, after some self evaluation, I realized a few things I have learned so far this semester:


(1) Do not try to take an LX bus from Scott Hall during rush hour. This will be the most crazy experience of your life as people push this way and that to try and make their way onto the bus. Instead, walk to the Student Center, get some exercise, and get on the bus without being trampled. 


(2) Take- out from the dining hall will become your life. Scrambling to get to the dining hall every night before 8 pm can be difficult. This is why getting take- out is so efficient. You can simply show up, swipe in, and get food to take back to your dorm with you. Now, you can eat and watch Netflix in the comfort of your room. Easily every college student’s favorite pastime. 


(3) Read the syllabus! Even though professors emphasize this repeatedly, I only recently learned how helpful these are. I have learned to look at the syllabus for each class on Sunday nights. This allows me to plan assignments for the week ahead of time, and try to reduce my procrastination as much as possible. 


(4) Join clubs! As annoying as it seems to drag yourself to another campus at 10:00 pm on a school night, motivate yourself to go to clubs. Oftentimes, after the exhaustion of classes and running from campus to campus, we may be too lazy to make the effort to join clubs. But I have learned how fun these can be. I have met so many great people by going to clubs. Plus, there is truly something for everyone. 


(5) Take every moment in and cherish it. As weird as this sounds, college seems to be flying by. I feel like I just got here, but it has already been 2 months. I have learned to go to as many events, meet as many people, and join as many organizations as possible. College is the place where you “find yourself”. So, put yourself out there until you find people you love and activities you are passionate about.