Some Mid-Semester Thoughts

It’s safe to say that we’ve reached the mid-semester point, and for some of us, this is a first. To bring some cliché to this, the leaves are falling, there’s more than a slight chill in the air, and fall is upon us like never before. Talks of Halloween and autumn and friends from other schools visiting on fall break occupy our minds as we go through our lives. University life mid-semester is perhaps the realest representation of college that exists. We’ve finished, for the most part, the first round of midterms and we’re more than familiar with the reality of grades, studying, and stress. As I write this from the comfort of my own home, I cannot help but think about how many changes I’ve been exposed to in the mere month and a half I’ve been here.

I think time is the biggest catalyst in our college lives. Almost everything revolves around time; deadlines, due dates, schedules, and our own understanding of time are among the biggest factors of change. A month and a half into school, and I’ve learned that no matter how much I value time, there will inevitably be instances that I wake up late, forget to press send, or miss out on something because it happened an hour ago. Punctuality is great and responsibility is important, but being human is unavoidable. And that’s okay. There’s a reason why most professors with classes that have attendance policies still allow two or three absences before taking action. There’s a reason why Facebook sends those notifications an hour before events. And there’s a reason why the lowest online homework scores are often dropped. The reason for all of this is because we’re human, and sometimes it’s difficult for us to adhere to the rules set by time.

I’m going out on a limb by asserting that it’s impossible for time not to change us. This isn’t to say that you will definitely gain weight this semester, or that your parents will not recognize you when you come back during Thanksgiving break, but rather, to say that you are more aware of who you are and what you want than you were two months ago. This applies to freshmen and seniors alike. Even if you are more lost or confused than you were before entering this semester, you are still closer to finding what you are looking for than you were two months ago.  And that’s so important. If you’ve done well the first half of the semester, keep it up. And if you haven’t done as well as you’d anticipated, you know what you can do better. If you found the right people, joined the right things, and made the right decisions in the past month and a half, you are set. And if not, you still have two months to fix that.

Ultimately, yes, time is the final judge. But it’s mid-semester, a period where you’ve experienced just as much as you are about to experience. So let’s take advantage of fallen leaves, and cold weather, and the opportunity to make changes for the better.