Transfer Shock and Rutgers University

With today being the halfway mark through the semester, I feel it necessary to speak about my thoughts on transfer shock and Rutgers. I have transferred from Middlesex County College and upon arrival was told about the possible effects of transfer shock, including a drop in my GPA, feelings of isolation, and a general lack of “fitting in.” Luckily, and much thanks to the efforts of Rutgers, I have not experienced any sense of transfer shock. As soon as I was able to register, I decided to enroll in the mandatory (for transfer students) “Students in Transition” seminar. This seminar has, to say the very least, assisted me in adapting to the fast paced environment of Rutgers–fast paced in the sense that I had no idea what to expect. So far, I’ve learned about the campus and the many services offered, including a trip to the library and meetings with an academic advisor.

Of course, the latter mentioned seminar was not my only saving grace as generally, I do not feel any different than any other students who have also transferred. Other juniors converse with me as if I had been at Rutgers all along, and sometimes I feel as if I have been. Now, this is not to say I haven’t had my issues with navigating the campus, or knowing what office to call with regards to some bill payment or such, but if a student looks hard enough, they can find any resource necessary.

Another element that has added to my success here is the very helpful nature of faculty, staff, and administration. Often, I find myself emailing a professor or administrator with what would seem a ridiculous question. Lo and behold, a prompt response has always been had, and never with a sense of hassle. I could not express how wonderful this has made my experience here. My advice: never be afraid to reach out, because there will always be someone or some service that is more than willing to make your time at Rutgers enjoyable.