Time Management Tips from a Procrastinator

Midterms week has arrived- and for most of us it’s not just a week. I personally have to endure my exams in parts, so I have a prolonged sensation of the wonders of studies.

  The worst part of studying, in my opinion, is time management. Hours go by at the blink of an eye when one is procrastinating; I can verify from personal experience. You think there are no worries, that  you have until 11.59pm to finish that Expos paper- the next thing you know, after just 5 episodes of FRIENDS, its 10.30pm and you go into panic mode. Where does the time go?!

Time is a precious commodity, and even more precious in the face of exams. So how exactly does one conserve time? How do you use the amount of time you have to the max, and also have some fun at the same time?


Well first things first, set the mood. Get away from all kinds of distraction. Go to the library, or sit outside under a tree, whatever makes you feel like you can concentrate. Put on some light jazz if that’s your thing.

Now this is key- make a list of all the things you have to accomplish that day. Expos paper, calc homework, psych paper, etc. Just list them on a paper, or on a board in front of you. Put a really big square next to each item on the list, and as you finish each item, you can put a big tick mark next to it. The satisfaction and relief when you see that you’ve completed 3 things out of five on your list and you only have 2 more to go is beautiful- savor it.

Next, reward yourself. Studies shouldn’t be all work and no play. Give yourself something to look forward to when you finish a paragraph on your Expos essay- after each paragraph, watch half an episode of FRIENDS, or 10 minutes of an episode of Game of Thrones, whatever you’re a fan of. Once you’re done with that, go finish another paragraph. Repeat until you’ve finished your essay or assignment. It works, really. I personally love to read… As a motivation for me to finish my Mircoeconomics homework, after every 2 questions, I read a chapter of my book. Be kind to yourself- you’re doing a lot of work.

Most of all, do not get psyched out. If your list is long, split it up. “Divide and conquer” wasn’t just meant for military tactics. Step back, and you’ll see that your mountain of work is barely a speed bump.

Relax, you can do it all.

But since I am a (hopefully reforming) procrastinator, I must tell you this: if you think you’re going to procrastinate, have a back up plan- set an alarm at least 3-4 hours (or how much ever time you think you’ll need to finish your assignment) before your assignment is due so that when time evades you, you can get back on track without running around like a chicken at the last minute.

Good luck, and Have fun

Happy Exams to all and to all a good grade