Time Flies

I cannot believe that a month of school has passed, it feels like it was just yesterday when I sat down in my first college lecture looking all bright eyed and confused. It’s extremely hard to understand that I survived four weeks of school, especially after all the confusion of the first week. But now, I am pretty sure that I got the hang of things around here.

            My first college nightmare was my schedule. I’m not sure how everyone’s schedules were but mine was a complete mess. I used to have classes ending at 10:30 P.M., which was probably the worst since I commute and only have my permit.  The first day of the add/drop week, I stayed up until 2 A.M making all these elaborate options for my schedule…obviously that did not work out. Once registration opened, floods of students waited anxiously by their computers just like me to get the timings they wanted. After experimenting and shifting classes the entire week, I got the perfect schedule (I have no classes on Fridays!). My current schedule contains none of the classes I had on September 1st but I’m super happy with it considering the mess I was during add/drop week. I believe I am more prepared for Winter and Spring Registration (though I am not looking forward to it).

            My second biggest problem was the busses at RU. To be honest, the busses aren’t that bad at all. But I’m horrible at boarding onto busses, getting of busses and anything to do with busses in general. It also doesn’t help that I am the biggest klutz with no sense of navigation whatsoever. Luckily, after my many schedule changes, my classes are mostly on either College Ave or Busch which means I just have to watch out for the A bus and its timings.

            Lastly, I came into school expecting to not have any fun at all. My first week of school was so chaotic that I actually believed the rest of the year would have been like that too. Thankfully, everything has slowed down and I’ve been able to have some fun. Recently, I even went to Manhattan and Harlem with the Honors Program and had a blast. We toured MalcomX boulevard, roamed around Central Park and visited the Strand Bookstore. I’ve also mastered the art of meeting up with my friend in between classes and exploring campuses with them. For example, my favorite activity in Douglass is running through the bridges by Hickman Hall with my friends (this is probably not safe…do not attempt!)

            It has been a stressful month, but everything has started to fall into place. I hope everyone else is also getting adjusted as well as I am. While everyone is dreading the season on exams and midterms, I’m just glad that I made it through this month. Let’s hope October is a good one!