Health and Wellness at Rutgers

It has been sometime since my last post and by way of explanation, I was struck with a terrible upper respiratory infection! My biggest fear in coming to Rutgers (okay, not my biggest fear) was what would I do if I became sick? Well, as I sit here now in perfect health, I can attest that Rutgers’ health services–and the health insurance, covered all of my needs. Whenever placed in a new environment, one is bound to find out that illness is always a possibility. I was sitting in my class and I noticed my throat had become sore, my head heavy and feverish. Sure enough, I got home (I’m a commuter) and began to notice a cough. Searching the copious amounts of paperwork and information I had about using Rutgers health services, I called their number (848-932-7402) and made an appointment. Within two days I was seen and hade recieved some antibiotics. I ended up only missing one class and after discussing my ailments with my professor and offering a doctor’s note, I was excused and provided with some work to do at home. (Remember, if under the weather, always provide a doctor’s note, this is essential to being excused). Long story short, there is nothing to worry about when coming to Rutgers and getting sick, as they provide easy to use health services and best of all, no copay at the health centers! I find that Rutgers does everything to make the student feel comfortable and healthy. Until next time!