Food Journey Part 2

So this Friday, we decided to try the Kati Roll place on Easton Ave (right next to Mamoun’s Falafels). My friend and I were in desperate need for some comfort food and after looking up Kati Roll on yelp, we weren’t expecting very much. The reviews talked about the poor service and food that gives diarrhea, but we decided to give it a shot anyway.

Let me tell you – best comfort I’ve ever eaten. I’m scared to say that I think it tasted better than the Fat Sandwhiches (please don’t kill me). I got the Achari Paneer Kati Roll and the Chicken Keema Kati Roll. I liked the chicken keema one better (spicy ground chicken) than the achari paneer (an indian cheese – it’s delicious), but both were beyond delicious. My friend also loved her aloo paneer one (potatoes and the indian cheese). If you haven’t tried kati roll’s before, you can expect it to taste something akin to an Indian burrito, but ten times more flavorful and savory.

The price was pretty good too – 2 for $10 and trust me when I say that 2 are plenty to keep you full. The place is a hole-in-the-wall type so don’t expect much from decor. I haven’t tried any of their platters yet, but I can definitly vouch for the kati rolls. My suggestion – go with the chicken keema one!

I’m definitly going back for more…so if you guys are in the area you should check it out too!