Hustle and (BUS)tle

The semester is already flying by.  Through the hustle and bustle of exams, here are a few tips to keep us all sane as we try to rush to our destinations.

1. Don’t take up seats for your belongings.  Unless the bus is basically empty, be considerate and don’t take up space with your backpacks, especially if people have to stand because there isn’t any room.

2. Apologize if you bump into someone.  Yes, this is inevitable, the bus will be crowded and people will have to stand.  The bus will turn and poeple will lose their balance.  Please be considerate and kijnd enough to apologize for smashing into the poeple around you.

3. Greet your bus driver.  Bus drivers spend all day driving around in circles trying to ensure that all sudents reach their destinations promptly and safely.  The least we can do is take a second to brighte their day by saying a simple “hello” upon entering or a “thank you” when exiting.  Don’t forget that everyone has long, hard days, not just you.

With this in mind, good luck on exams!  Don’t forget to make Rutgers a niecer, easier place for all of us.