Five Things You Can Learn from that Bus Ride with Random Strangers

If you’re anything like me you tend to stare at people while riding that REX-B in the morning, not because we’re creeps, but because it’s simply human nature to make eye-contact with people who sit around you. But one thing I’ve noticed is that every bus ride is an adventure, a microcosm of RU. If you’ve ever actually looked around you, the bus is one of the most diverse and interesting representations of our Rutgers community. And there’s so much you can learn on that 10 minute bus ride.

1) We’re all incredibly different

This may sound cliché, or even obvious, but we are all so different. I challenge you to find someone on the next bus ride that is exactly like you (and your friends don’t count!). Every person on that bus dresses differently, has a different way to pass time, has a different book in his/her hand, is listening to different music, and has a different destination and/or origin.

2) Books are socially acceptable and are actually quite normal

If you listen to music or send bus selfies to your friends, that’s cool. But don’t be afraid to pull out a book you’re reading for pleasure, or homework that’s due in 10 minutes. Everyone has things to do, and the bus and those riding it are completely accepting of studying and reading.

3) Wearing shades doesn’t stop people from noticing that you’re staring

I sometimes wear shades when I want to avoid awkward eye-contact with strangers, I’ll admit it. But let me just say that sunglasses aren’t walls. People will still catch you staring at them, and that will still be awkward. By all means, wear those shades if it’s sunny outside, but I wouldn’t count on them for privacy.

4) If there’s a seat that everybody is avoiding, it’s probably wet

This one doesn’t need much explanation, but don’t ask someone if you can sit in the seat next to them if everyone seems to be avoiding the seat. Buses DO leak, and the seat is 99% wet.

5) A crowded bus is actually a great way to make new friends

At first thought there doesn’t seem to be anything even remotely great about a crowded bus. But you’ll be surprised by how many nice conversations I’ve had with people due to the fact that I’m basically stepping on their feet the entire ride. Yes, these rides aren’t pleasant, but they don’ t need to be uncomfortable. Become friendly and make the most out of a busride.

I consider every bus ride an experience because each one is different. You’ll never be on the same bus with these very people again (atleast not at Rutgers). So you can stay on your phone, or you can put it away and enjoy the experiences that make our school great.