The Food Journey

Food is such a major part of my life. It can make me happy when I’m feeling down and it can make me feel like complete cow poop when I’m in a good mood. So when I first came to Rutgers, I was apprehensive about dining hall food. And don’t get me wrong, it was exactly what I expected : shit. Am I allowed to include mild curses here? Gah, it’s pretty upsetting so it’s warranted.

Anyhow, I live on College Ave in the new Honors College (most beautiful building ever) which is a 2 minute walk from the restaurant haven that is Easton Avenue. For those who don’t know Easton Avenue, it’s a road stuffed with falafel, stromboli, kati rolls, Korean BBQ, sushi, ramen, ice cream, fudge, and bubble tea. My friend (who gets equally as depressed as I do when there is a lack of food that has actual flavor) and I decided to embrace our proximity to Easton Ave and made it our mission to try a new restuarant every Friday night. So here is our restaurant journey.

First on the list was Stuff Yer Face. I got the Superboli and my friends got the Mushroomboli and Pizzaboli. There’s undoubtedly many options on how you prefer to eat your carbs, cheese, and toppings. Not to mention their PB and J burger that I’m 100% trying next time. General consensus: nice and cheesy, lots of options, and puts you into a comfortable food coma afterwards. All in all, a wonderful experience and upbeat ambiance. Also it’s cheaper than meal swipes, which makes zero sense to me. Prospective students, if you’re in the area – check it out!