Expectations and Reality at RU

After completing my first week, I find it necessary to examine what I had expected and what actually was. First, allow me to introduce myself: My name is Jonathan and I am an undergraduate transfer student majoring in philosophy and classics. I commute to the college on a daily basis and am active on campus (I know, all in the first week!). So, what did I expect my first week to be like? Well, I imagined my commute to be hectic and challenging, but surprisingly it has not proven to be so. Most days, I take the train from Metuchen and it is very convienent and allows plenty of time to eat breakfast, have coffee, and best of all it allows me time to study. My only advice is that one should always know the train times beforehand and to be aware of any possible delays. The train is inexpensive, I might add and there is a student discount available, check this link if interested: http://parktran.rutgers.edu/discount.shtml. Also, I have purchased a parking permit which comes in handy for days when I have class on Douglass campus (which is where my permit is valid, ALWAYS park in an authroized manner or you will recieve a ticket). Despite all of my commuter woes, I am always on time to class and have plenty of time to study and relax; the key is to always be prepared and plan accordingly!

Classes, what did I expect my first week? Coming from a community college, I expected my first week of study to be a greuling excercise in both scope and content. Looking back now, it was, but in a good way. Writing now, I peer to the right of me and see a stack of books, all of which will be essentially read by semesters end. Task of impossible means? No! I find that books are most interesting and often entail knowledge that is generally not known by me (duh) or provide useful information in class. What I figured as being entirely ridiculous has turned out to be almost pleasurable, however one must keep up with the texts. Staying interested and motivated is essential to success at Rutgers, hence why one should take classes that are interesting and informative towards your program of study.

Overall, my first week has been wonderful, challenging, and a good predictor as to how this semester will go. I think with hard work and a keen discipline, there is not a class that will be unmangeable. Did I mention that my professors are also amazing people? I feel there is not a question they wouldn’t answer or laugh at. Rutgers has proved me wrong in my expectations. I finally feel like I’m studing something worthwhile in a setting that allows me to grow, mature, and thrive.