Do’s and Don’ts of a Rutgers Football Game

Rutgers football is probably one of the best ways to spend a Saturday, especially here on the Banks.  60,000 people flood to High Point Solutions Stadium, everyone is decked out in scarlet red, and we are all here for the same reason– to cheer our Knights on to a win.  Of course, you will want to ensure that you have the best experience possible.  Here are some do’s and don’t’s to help you make the most of your game day experience!



Be well rested before the game.

It is definitely not a good idea to be exhausted before the game even starts.  You are going to want to have as much energy as possible, as the whole stadium will be radiating with it!  If it’s a noon game, reconsider staying out late on Friday night; and if it’s an evening game, grab coffee with some friends before catching the bus to the stadium!


Show up early!

In order to enjoy the pregame festivities, avoid monstrous ticket lines, and snag the best seats (since student tickets are general admission), you will definitely want to get there as soon as possible.  Besides, who can possibly contain their excitement to get to the stadium anyway?


Go with a good group of friends.

There’s nothing wrong with going to games solo and making new friends in the stands, but the football games are guaranteed to create lasting memories between you and your friends.  Also, since football starts shortly after classes, it may be your clique’s first hangout since the spring semester!


Know the cheers and show your Scarlet Pride!

If you’ve been looking for the chance to wear all of the RU apparel you’ve collected over your time here, post on Instagram with a clever caption (i.e. Scarlet Fever), and chant in unison with 60,000 of you best friends, look no further! Scarlet Pride comes out in full force during the football season, so get ready to show the world one of the many reasons you are proud of your school.



Forget your ticket or RUID!

After you’ve taken the bus to the stadium, and have waited in the line to get into the student section of the stadium, the last thing anyone wants is to forget their ticket in their dorm room!  If you have season tickets, you must bring your RUID, so they know it is not being used fraudulently.  Also, the concession booths take meal swipes, so you will be able to get lunch or dinner during the game.


Leave the game early.

The game isn’t decided until the clock hits 0:00.  A total blowout in either direction could be changed in just a quarter.  Stick around and enjoy the game! It is always worth it.  Besides, those players on the field aren’t just athletes, they are your classmates.  Show them support!


Slander the opposing team.

Even if the game isn’t going our way, it is never okay to be offensive to the opposing team.  Not only is good sportsmanship a part of the Big Ten standards, but, as I said earlier, the players on the field are your peers.  Yelling obscenities to the other team on a national stage is never a good idea.  It disgraces the university in more ways than one.


Be afraid to get crazy!

This is your time to let it all out!  After a stressful week of clubs, classes, and everything in between, coming to the football games on Saturdays can be a great way to reunite with your friends.  Coming to games is a fun and safe way to have a fantastic Saturday!


Whether you have entered the lottery for tickets for this next weekend, have season tickets, or plan to catch the game on TV, you will learn that Rutgers Football is one of the biggest unifying elements of the University.  Get ready for some of the best Saturdays of your college career!

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