Avoiding the RU Screw

You awake at 5:30 am. Your eyes flutter open with ease, regardless of the fact that you only received two hours of sleep. You decide that you still have enough time so you nod off.

           The sun peers in, startling you. It’s ominously silent. You glance at the clock, which reveals a time lapse of four hours. It’s 9:30. You’re going to be late to your first class of the year at Rutgers, on your very first day.

           You have five minutes to catch a bus!

           You pounce to your feet and quickly slap on an outfit. Your pulse quickens and you can feel your heart pounding. You slam through your door, not even stopping to look at yourself in the mirror.

           Your feet pound against the asphalt, legs pumping back and forth in a violent frenzy of desperate frustration. The bus is about to disembark, filled to the brim with students. Your lungs are about to explode, but your mind knows to ignore it.

           The doors close. You’re so close, yet so far.

You gasp for air, using whatever little oxygen left in your body to




You slam into the door. The bus leaves you behind in its dust.

You turn around and all of a sudden…

…a faint beeping resonates through the air. It’s eerily familiar and you find your eyes fluttering open. It’s only 7:30, it was a dream and you have ample time to make it to class.


Now here is my advice on avoiding the RU Screw:


1.         Give yourself an hour to make it to class, especially in the beginning. I don’t care how boss you are at parkour, there is no reason for leaving at the last minute. As the year continues and you become accustomed to getting around then maybe, but for now just be on time.

2.         Always make it to the bus stop at least two buses before. You have to factor in that the buses may be full or late, so you may have to wait for another one. By giving yourself two buses, you will always have a second chance.

3.         Don’t go out late on the weekdays. Don’t even stay up studying too late. Sleep is imperative and you can always turn up on the weekends and get the study groups together on Friday nights.


4.         If you’re prone to falling asleep on the bus, then stand so you’ll be awake and won’t miss your stop. The jolts and sudden stops will prevent you from nodding off. Otherwise you might just end up riding the bus all day.